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The Pros and Cons of Keeping Rabbits As Pets

April 3, 2017 Uncategorized 1
The Pros and Cons of Keeping Rabbits As Pets

If you’re looking for a pet which is loving but less demanding than other animals, a rabbit may be the pet for you. However, rabbits aren’t for every situation and you should do your research before adopting one. Follow along and we’ll be covering the pros and cons of having rabbits as pets.

Living Situation

Before even considering owning a rabbit, you should be aware of how they interact with other pets; If you have any or plan on owning others. While other rabbits and small animals may make great partners, larger or more predatory animals may not be suitable to own with rabbits. This can also depend on the breed of the animal and how they were raised. For example, some owners who have both cats and rabbits suggest owning them at a young age so they grow comfortable together.

A positive aspect to owning a rabbit is the limited space they need. While other animals should ideally have large spaces to roam free, rabbits can do well in a smaller location such as an apartment. Not only that, but rabbits don’t make a lot of noise so you don’t have to worry about your neighbors ever complaining.

Maintenance and care

While it’s true rabbits are smaller and easier to manage, they still require proper care and attention. Rabbit urine can leave a strong smell, so it’s a good idea to change their litter box frequently. It’s also claimed that spaying and neutering a rabbit is a good idea since they mark their territory less often. Also, rabbits like to chew, so if your rabbit will running freely small household items and electrical cords should be well hidden. ┬áHere is some more information on the care of rabbits.

Since rabbits need to chew often, they should have chew toys and space to run freely without danger. As with every pet there will be food costs, but rabbit pellets and vegetables aren’t as costly as other pet foods. Also keep in mind they may need vaccines in certain locations, and veterinary care can be expensive.


Most pet owners who don’t already own rabbits, aren’t aware of how close a rabbit may bond with it’s owner. They are very curious creatures, and are surprisingly intelligent for their size. They can also be trained to use a litterbox and even run through obstacle courses.

Rabbits have a lot of personality and are an enjoyable pet to have. They do however, still require attention and require some forethought before adopting. If this pet is right for you, consider adopting from a rescue shelter and you may save a rabbits life.


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