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Living With Pets: What Can It Do For You?

April 1, 2017 Cats 1
Living With Pets

It is not just kids who would love to have a cat, dog, or fish as a pet in your home. Though it may not seem obvious at a glance, there are many benefits to be had from living with pets. Some of them are:

RESPONSIBILITY: It is not just enough to have a pet in the home, it is worth noting that the survival of the pet is a responsibility you have to bear. For someone who has always lived a carefree life, living with a pet is a fundamental step towards learning how to be responsible for others. This also applies to kids.

SECURITY: Of all the benefits one can get by living with a pet in the home, the most obvious is security. Pets like dogs provide security in the home. When you own a dog and people know about it, the likelihood of some one wanting to break into your home will be drastically reduced. The same goes with a cat. It provides security in the sense that it keeps rodents and other unwanted creatures out of the home.

HEALTH: Some research has shown that there are certain health benefits people who live with pets get. An instance is reduction in allergies. According to the studies of James E. Gern, a Pediatrician with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, kids who live with a pet in their homes had their allergies reduced by as much as 33 percent.

COMFORT: There are times you just need a sounding board in order to comfort yourself. When faced with such situations, the best sounding board you can ever have is a pet, it will just be there while you express yourself as much as you care to.

BONDING: It may be within the family or with a visitor.  For many kids your pet is the first friend they have, it is where they learn to be responsible for someone else.  Pets bond with their owners and can be a very protective best friend.

EXERCISE: Your pet. like a dog for instance, may be the motivation which you need to take that walk. Dogs definitely like to exercise, so it can become a win-win situation for both of you. It is needless to point out the benefits you get by exercising. Thanks to your dog, you can catch up on the exercise department.

Next time when you look at your pet, realize that it is not just there to be there. The fact that it lives with you comes with a lot of benefits.


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    It’s a relief to find somnoee who can explain things so well

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